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I’m Leonardo Williams, but you can call me Leo. I’m a former teacher, school administrator, and current small business owner. Durham is my workplace, my family, and my home. Durham is the heart of who I am.

During an unprecedented year, I saw Durham come together to feed her children, clothe her homeless, shelter her displaced, fund her students, and vaccinate her people against the virus that started it all.

We saw that we CAN be greater together, but it should not take a pandemic to make us realize that. The future still holds inequity for our people if we don’t do something about it now. Everyone in Durham should be able to create their own legacy through financial prosperity, community safety, a thriving local economy, and access to opportunities. We can do this and so much more with your voice.

I’ve chosen to care for this community, and I hope that you will choose me as your next City Councilman.

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We can do so much with your voice.

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We are greater together when we have homes that are safe, secure, and free of environmental hazards.

Community Safety

We are greater together when we have the power to holistically redefine what community safety looks like for our city.

Land Use

We are greater together when we can build Durham to be an accessible and equitable city.

Economic Development

We are greater together when everyone has access to capital from a robust local economy.


We are greater together when we build a green infrastructure and work proactively to keep our city safe from environmental harm.

Public Infrastructure

We are greater together when we are all connected through pedestrian-friendly streets, public transit, and open trails.

Inclusion & Race Equity

We are greater together when we build a Durham where everyone can work and thrive together, where we honor each other, and we uplift each other.


I’m a former teacher, school administrator and current small business owner. I’ve educated our youth to be active and engaged citizens. I continue to encourage that spirit as a small business owner by hiring and training community members most in need of a decent paying job. My entire adult life, I’ve worked to  support families by creating access to opportunities and resources necessary for a better quality of life.

I’ve served as a Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year, school administrator, executive leader, and as a board chair of North Carolina’s largest public school foundation. I’ve helped create coalitions to combat economic disruption from COVID-19 for small businesses and restaurants, built coalitions to combat hunger across our city, and most recently worked with community members to address the dire need to reduce crime. I hope to serve on Durham’s City Council to continue and enhance a culture of service, opportunity, and equity.

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